19 year old Corinne DeRosa is in her sophmore year of college studying elementary education at Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee. She has been playing drums for over 10 years and performing with Pursuing JC along with her brother and sister Gregory and Kelsey for 9 years and loving every second of it! Corinne wanted to play drums for as long as she can remember, but it finally became a reality after a women at her church gifted her her own drum set. She believes that playing with the band and having the opportunity to lead people in worship is such a blessing. You will always find her playing with a smile on her face, especially because she is not only surrounded by amazing musicians, but people she considers nothing short of family. Being a part of the band for so long has given her an appreciation for every show big or small and the importance of looking closer at the impact you can have no matter what kind of performance or crowd.

Corinne's Testimony