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FIVE STARS-----Stomping the devil... Wow! What a beautiful song! love the sounds and musicianship. this song has a really good melody. I cant get it out of my head. The way that the song was put together is very unique. The vocals, guitars, drums, and everything else are SPOT ON. Both guitars were played perfectly. I can't say enough about this song.” - Jeremy Z
FIVE STARS-----Stomping on the Devil. I really like the intro, its so appropriate! Musically this is well done, the high gain electric guitar brings out power in the song. Beyond the message, the arrangement keeps you interested in the song as it has continuous change, despite that fact there it is solidly congruent. This is similar to how Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys) did his arrangements. The sonic diversity works well too. Great job!!” - Murray Pollard
FIVE STARS----- He Is... First - the name of your group - Pursuing JC - is worthy of respect and from that you only expect great music to follow = you don't disappoint. The title of your song: HE IS - is so simple but lets you know there is a story to come that is an open door for a treasure of lyrics - again - you don't disappoint. The arpeggio piano at the beginning is lively and a great "red carpet" to roll out for the first verse. The words are sung with passion and the female's voice is sweet and carries the message to one's ears with a poet's knack for saying things cleverly and on the mark. Bravo! I'm a songwriter/author and English teacher and I had to listen to this song more than once to take in all the words - but that's not a criticism - just saying... The music has plenty of dynamics which are a delight to listen to - and the introduction of the violin/strings adds warmth and depth to the song's progression... As the drums come in with the bouncy rhythm that just makes the song rise up and makes the crescendo more intense and takes the song right up to the sudden break - to the sound of violins! Then we go up again and come back down to an even softer landing. Wow! Great musical ideas and fun to listen to - all to say: This band is not trying to make a great song - THEY ARE. Overall, this song is wonderful to listen to and a song that deserves to be heard over and over again to really appreciate the musicianship and artistic mastery that all of you put into the recording of this song. I would love to hear and see all of you in concert do this song live... That would be a real treat. Thank you for sharing such a great song, and yes I almost forgot to mention the overlapping vocals and harmonies that add extra spice to your song. I'm blessed to hear such a great song... ” - F. C.
FIVE STARS----- He Is... Hey this is a great song I really like the music had a great rhythm and pacing. just a really lively song that makes you want move. good vocals also that accompany that blend with the music. will be looking out for more” - Beth Mason
FIVE STARS----- He is... Very nice music composition it's the full package. Everything is in the right place in your music arrangement. Good balance and dynamics professionally done. I love how the band volume and music so wonderfully accompany the lead vocals, without overpowering them allowing the beautiful message of hope shine through. It builds with musical dynamics , changes and bridge, that's take the listener on an amazing journey and adventure in God. This one had me at hello, great work God bless you ,as you continue to go forward making music for Lord & savior.” - Jonny Johansson