Rob Bruder, a native to New York, is the most recent addition to Pursuing JC. From a young age, Rob was exposed to music; he recalls laying on the living room floor in his parents’ Long Island home while listening to his dad play showtunes and movie themes on the piano. At the age of five (or six) he was shown a VHS tape of the Beatles playing on the Ed Sullivan Show, and it was then, after seeing John Lennon with his black and white Rickenbacker guitar, that he decided he wanted to pursue music. 

He was bought a guitar for Christmas that year and learned a few chords from mimicking the hand movements of Eric Clapton and John Mayer on Youtube. Armed with the few musical precepts he gained from his time learning the guitar, he soon taught himself some basic piano shapes. Rob began writing songs as his abilities grew with his tastes, falling head over heels for many artists, conventions, and styles during his teenage years. He speaks of how he began to realize the power of songwriting to communicate ideas, thoughts, and truth. 

Rob became known to Christ very recently. “Sometime in October 2020,” he says. He credits the event of his salvation to hearing the Gospel and realizing his nakedness before God; He says it was God’s grace and kindness which led him to repentance and faith. He expresses a desire to advance the Kingdom and attributes that desire to his involvement in music.