Samantha Glut

Samantha is 18 and currently a sophomore in college. She has had a passion for singing since she was in first grade. Starting with singing in talent shows in elementary school, Samantha worked her way up to becoming the worship leader of her high school. She competed and qualified for the National Fine Arts Competition for 4 years, coming in second place for her individual solo in the New York State qualifier. Her first performance with the band was at River Rock. She always enjoyed worshipping with a congregation, but she said there's something different about doing it with a group of people who are becoming like family. 

Knowing that everyone is on the same page and we’re all worshipping the Lord together is amazing. No matter what happens in the performance we have each other's back, it is such a comforting feeling. Although she is going to school to be an accountant, she knows that singing will always be a huge part of her life. Samantha is so excited to be part of Pursuing JC and looks forward to what God has in store for them.